September 3, 2016

Network Controllers

PLS-DC1: Data Concentrator

Connects to all three phases of the power grid on the low voltage side. It is normally installed  in a substation or medium voltage transformer box for monitoring and control of neighborhood/sub-division PLC devices that are distributed on three phases. It can be used for connection the entire neighborhood or sub-division to a central location using either the cell phone network, a dedicated Ethernet link at the sub-station or even Wi-Fi depending on the site conditions.

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PLS-NC1: Network Node

Second Generation Network Node NC1. These are the end nodes in the network and interface to the infrastructure being controlled using a wide variety of control and communications interfaces present on board.

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PLS-NC2: Lighting Controller

Lighting Controller Node NC2. A simplified version of NC1 for lighting load control, energy measurement  and dimming

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PLS-NM7: Lighting Controller

A variation of NC2 that can be installed on to existing ANSI C136.41 twist lock ports on top of street lights for light control, power monitoring and 0-10V dimming

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