September 3, 2016

Network Controllers

PLS-DC: Data Concentrator (Gateway)

Connects to any phase of the local power grid on the low voltage side (80-480VAC). It creates an isolated mesh network on the local power grid. It can connect to nodes across multiple phases or across medium voltage lines using optional coupling units (installed  at the building electric panel, in a substation or street side medium voltage transformer). A hardwired ethernet link is used to connect the DC to a SCADA terminal. It also has built in WiFi and Cellular LTE modems for optional remote SCADA connectivity when needed.

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PLS-NC1: Network Node

Second Generation Network Node NC1. These are the end nodes in the network and interface to the infrastructure being controlled using a wide variety of control and communications interfaces present on board.

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PLS-NC2: Lighting Controller

Lighting Controller Node NC2. A simplified version of NC1 for lighting load control, energy measurement  and dimming

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PLS-NM7: Lighting Controller

A variation of NC2 that can be installed on to existing ANSI C136.41 twist lock ports on top of street lights for light control, power monitoring and 0-10V dimming

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