September 3, 2016


  • - Provides continuous monitoring of motion using both microwave and passive infrared detection with a 30 feet sensing distance and a 120 degree conical view
  • - Includes a highly sensitive MEMS microphone with digital filtering techniques for detection of anomalous sounds like gunshots
  • - Geo tagged module in a twist lock plug
  • - Mounts into the bottom application port of all PLS-LE200 luminaries
  • - Fully integrated into PLS Central software


Power Line Network:

  • - OFDM based 40kbps IPV6 mesh network
  • - 98.4—121.9KHz CENELEC B Band
  • - NIST standard 256-bit ECC encryption
  • - 3 mile range between nodes in ROBO mode
  • - Auto installation of any nodes with proper authentication credentials
  • - Auto healing network with real time network monitoring


  • - 100 to 277VAC universal input, 2VA nominal wattage
  • - 3.75KVAC isolation to EN55022 Class B 
  • - ANSI C136.37 surge requirements compliant—fully protected against brownouts and transients



  • - 35mm tall x 60mm diameter
  • - Pressure equalizing vented system
  • - NEMA4x, IP56 Aluminum fiberglass composite enclosure
  • - -40 to 65˚c operating temperature range





  • - X-Band, 10.525GHz Doppler motion sensor
  • - Passive infrared sensor with a 10m sensing distance
  • - Dual MEMS microphones for audio pickup
  • - Digital signal processor for sensor fusion and generation of alarm triggers


Information & Diagnostics:

  • - Local processing of sensor data using a dedicated digital processor to fuse the sensor data and trigger alarms when needed.
  • - Remotely programmable alarm thresholds for both motion and noise.
  • - Bluetooth Smart radio for transmission of diagnostics and other service announcements to authorized smart phones and tablets in the vicinity
  • - Fully integrated with PLS central control software for module installation, control and  monitoring