September 3, 2016


A highly secure, transparent, patent pending multi-protocol communications pipeline to remote devices using existing power lines. 

With industry leading 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptographic security, along with the isolation from the internet, PLS networking provides a very secure, private control and communications network

Open source API – allowing end users to write their own front end SCADA or modify existing ones.

Server independent – allowing users to connect directly to a terminal using local Ethernet from the DC – independent of external networks.

Removes the need for any new wired or wireless infrastructure and works over long distances and in areas where installing regular wired or wireless networks would be cost prohibitive.

Multiple communications channels – RS232, RS485, CAN,  DALI, and Bluetooth LE.

Load control and energy monitoring up to 4KVA.

Two external relay/contactor controls for larger loads



  • G3-PLC (ITU-T G.9903) standards based and certified.
  • OFDM based IPV6 Auto Connect / Auto Healing Mesh network
  • 4 - 121.9KHz CENELEC Band
  • 40Kbps minimum data rate
  • 3-mile range between nodes
  • 255 nodes per cluster with one DC1 data concentrator
  • PLS-DC1 can connect directly to the SCADA system via local Ethernet
  • Alternative Cellular or WIFI connection supported by PLS-DC


  • 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptographic security between nodes and data concentrator
  • Secure TLS/SSL based connection between data concentrator and operator terminal (SCADA)
  • Biometric and two factor authentications at the operator terminal


  • 80 – 305VAC, 50-60Hz, Single phase via screw terminal block
  • ANSI C136.37 surge requirements compliant
  • Fully protected against transients and brownouts with EN55022 Class B isolation
  • Screw terminal block for Line in and Load out connections

Load Control & Metering

  • IEC 600335-1 compliant latching relay
  • Nominal switching capacity: 16A, 277VAC, inrush capable
  • Max switching power (resistive load): 4.432KVA
  • Single phase line & neutral screw terminal block
  • 1% accurate energy metering
  • Active power, true RMS current, RMS voltage, Line frequency and power factor metering
  • 2x relay/contactor drivers. 12V, 150mA Open Drain for external load control
  • 2x TTL inputs for external sensors like motion or level

Lighting Control

  • 0/1-10V analog dimming output
  • DALI control for clusters of lighting loads – all device types supported
  • Built-in energy metering of connected loads

Communication Channels

  • RS232: variable up to 115Kbps. EIA-RS232 levels, transient and surge protected
  • RS485: 15Mbps, 5V tolerant, Half duplex, -7 to 12V common mode range, ±15KV ESD protection
  • CAN: 2.0B compliant, 1Mbps, 3 Tx and 2Rx buffers, six available filters and 2 masks, ±8KV ESD protection. Suitable for 12 and 24V systems
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – 100m effective range, 8x simultaneous connections, Beacon/Broadcast modes
  • Tool less cage clamp connector for all signals


  • 3.05 x 3.05 x 1.56 in [77.5 x 77.5 x 39.6 mm]
  • IP66 protection level
  • -40°C to +75°C Operating temperature