September 3, 2016


  • - A full power line control system in a easy to use twist lock module.
  • - Auto installing and auto healing G3-PLC network provides the simplest possible commissioning of nodes
  • - NIST standard security with 256-bit elliptic curve encryption
  • - Plugs into ANSI C136.41 twist lock port of existing street lights
  • - Full 5A load control and utility grade metering
  • - Dimming control via 0-10V dimming signal
  • - DALI controls
  • - Universal 100 to 280Vac input voltage
  • - Built in real time clock and fall back schedule in case of loss in communications.


Power Line Network:

  • - OFDM based 40kbps IPV6 mesh network
  • - 98.4—121.9KHz CENELEC B Band
  • - NIST standard 256-bit ECC encryption
  • - 3 mile range between nodes in ROBO mode
  • - Auto installation of any nodes with proper authentication credentials
  • - Auto healing network with real time network monitoring

Load Control:

  • - 5Arms solid state relay for on/off control with zero cross detection and rated to 150Arms surge current
  • - 0-10V analog signal for dimming control
  • - Built in real time clock for fall back on/off dimming schedule in case of loss in communications


  • - 100 to 277VAC universal input, 5Arms load current control with 150A surge current rating
  • - 1VA nominal current draw with load off
  • - 3.75KVAC isolation to EN55022 Class B
  • - ANSI C136.37 surge requirements compliant—fully protected against brownouts and transients

Information & Diagnostics:

  • - Utility grade metering of active power, line voltage and current draw
  • - Notifications on reduced or increased current draw from nominal, load failure notifications
  • - Built in real time clock for default on/off and dimming schedule in case of loss in communications
  • - Fully integrated with PLS central control software for module installation, control and  monitoring with options for scheduled dimming, demand response (load shedding) control


  • - 95mm tall x 80mm diameter
  • - NEMA4x, IP65 Molded Fiberglass polyester enclosure
  • - -40 to 65˚c operating temperature range