May 22, 2019


Key Features

  • Up to 2500 nodes on the local power grid
  • Up to 3 miles between nodes
  • Installs without any setup - auto connecting auto healing mesh network pre-configured at factory per site
  • Load / Lighting control up to 4KA, 80-480VAC with power monitoring
  • 0-10V dimming (sink or source)
  • One input/output (programmable function) with 12V power
  • ANSI C136.41 seven pin twist lock base compliant
  • Industry leading 256-bit elliptic curve cryptographic security



  • G3-PLC (ITU-T G.9903) standards based and certified.
  • OFDM based IPV6 Auto Connect / Auto Healing Mesh network
  • 4 - 121.9KHz CENELEC Band
  • 40Kbps minimum data rate
  • 3-mile range between nodes
  • 255 nodes per cluster with one DC1 data concentrator
  • PLS-DC1 can connect directly to the SCADA system via local Ethernet
  • Alternative Cellular or WIFI connection supported by PLS-DC


  • 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptographic security between nodes and data concentrator
  • Secure TLS/SSL based connection between data concentrator and operator terminal (SCADA)
  • Biometric and two factor authentications at the operator terminal


  • 80 – 305VAC, 50-60Hz, Single phase
  • ANSI C136.37 surge requirements compliant
  • Fully protected against transients and brownouts with EN55022 Class B isolation

Load Control & Metering

  • IEC 600335-1 compliant latching relay
  • Nominal switching capacity: 16A, 277VAC, inrush capable
  • Max switching power (resistive load): 4.432KVA
  • 1% accurate energy metering
  • Active power, true RMS current, RMS voltage, Line frequency and power factor metering

Lighting Control

  • 0/1-10V analog dimming output
  • Built-in energy metering of connected lighting loads


  • 12V power wire @ 100ma
  • Programmable input (active low open drain)  or output (open drain)


  • 95mm tall x 80mm diameter
  • NEMA4x, IP65 Molded Fiberglass polyester enclosure
  • -40 to 65˚c operating temperature range